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Guild Wars 2 Classess

ArenaNet and NCsoft have revealed the Guild Wars 2 class "Necromancer (Necromancer): A necromancer practicing the dark arts, conjures dead, gets the power of the lost souls advantage and cut opponents life energy. A necromancer can use this vital energy to heal allies or even to beat the cheat death (screenshots).

Once he uses special skills to attack and kill enemies, collect the necromancer life energy. With this energy it can inter alia prolong his own life. If he runs out of health points, the Necromancer is not struck, but automatically activate the skill veil of death. " The necromancer can then continue to fight as a spirit form until it either starts or the life energy he kills an opponent (more on that later). Then he returns to his own body.

Fountains: Fountains are consistent spells with which the necromancer can control his environment. The well is created at the position of the Necromancer and works on targets within the effective range. For example, all allies get within range of "Fountain of Blood" a regeneration bonus. There can be only one well-craft to be active.

Servant: The necromancer summons undead servants who follow his orders and attack enemies for example. Each award for calling of servants is assigned a secondary award that is available after the servant was summoned. This secondary spell destroyed the servant and has a certain effect on the necromancer. For example, the healing spell "summon demon blood creates" a servant who heals his master with his attacks. After the servant has been called in, is the skill to summon demon blood "with" taste of death "is replaced with which can destroy the necromancer's servant, and then receives a large amount of life.

Character: Necromancer can also place signs, these are on the floor facing spell with a number of strong effects. For example, "adds character to the blood" are allies and damage enemies near the same time a regeneration bonus. Characters are activated, although usually only after a certain period of time, but the Necromancer can also activate its mark on the orders by calling the skill a second time.

Fear: Necromancer can create a condition of the other classes remains closed: fear. Fear is a annullable condition that forces an opponent for a short time to escape from the Necromancer. For example, the necromancer can move with the skill of "ruin" an opponent in fear.

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