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Guild Wars 2 Is Much More Than Just a MMO

Now it's December and the year 2012 is coming to its end. If the world won't be destroyed in this Friday night, it seems that the best time for various types of year-end inventory and awards is coming. As for the gaming industry, the war will be much quieter.

As one of the most popular video games of this year, gw 2 gold is apparently going to accept its various awards. However, as players, we appreciate this game not only because of its gorgeous graphics, fun combat, and addictive crafting system, but also because of the money.

We all know that ArenaNet charged GW2 players an upfront one-time fee and that's it. No monthly charges, no broken "free to play" gameplay that hobbles players in an effort to make them pay. It has a cash store, but it charges realistic prices not overinflated ones, and you're not required to use it.

The end game of Guild Wars 2 is also amazing. There have been three special events for the last three months with at least one more planned - I consider GW2 a terrific experience for the price of $44.99.

We can't deny that GW2 is not only an great MMO, it is also a valid and successful business model.

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