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Guild Wars 2 is Now Up for Pre-Order

The sequel of Guild Wars, ArenaNet's new work Guild Wars 2 is now up for pre-order. This must be good news for all of the fans buy guild wars 2 gold of online role-playing games. The game is a fantasy MMORPG and is set to launch on August 28. The game focuses on player versus player combat just as the original Guild Wars did. One interesting thing about the new game is that the storyline is responsive to the player's actions.

As you might expect, the storyline is one of the most anticipated parts of the game. Typically, online role-playing games have a fixed storyline the goes on regardless of player actions. Having a storyline that changes with the player's actions is usually limited to single player games. The video game is set in the same world of Tyria where the original game took place in. Events in the new video game take place 250 years after the defeat of the Great Destroyer from Guild Wars: Eye of the North.

The primary story of the game is that a race of dragons awoke from slumber deep under the earth and run rampant, destroying Tyria. The game sees all five races on the planet working together using magic, technology, and the blade to defeat dragons. The original Guild Wars was released in April 2005 gw 2 gold and proved popular.

Guild Wars 2 enjoys a real good reputation after its three times' beta weekends. The game promises incredibly detailed setting that enhances the overall game plot. Tesco Entertainment has game up for pre-order in the UK and promises that the game will be in your hands on launched a few pre-order online.

After less than a month, you will be able to play this amazing MMORPG. We'll see if the game really can save the whole PC game industry.

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