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Guild Wars 2 Successful Official Launch Arrived

After the Guild Wars 2, one of the most famous video games this year, was officially released yesterday, the players are all enjoying themselves now in the game. In fact, all the pieces are in cheap guild wars 2 gold place to make Guild Wars 2 a highly successful and eminently enjoyable game. This can be fully seen from the favorable comments on Google.

Actually, even before launch, more than one million fans had paid for the game in full to enjoy a three-day Headstart. Demand for the game during this Headstart has been record-breaking, with a peak concurrency of more than 400,000 players online at once. Whether it's because of the dynamic world, the engaging, customizable personal storyline, or the highly-mobile action, it's clear that online gamers are eager for Guild Wars 2.

The Dynamic Event System is a real plus for Guild Wars 2 because it introduces a level of spontaneity into questing that is not found in most online games. However, even though players are excited about the improvements to questing, PVP has inspired intense debate in the Guild Wars 2 community.

Moreover, PVP in Guild Wars 2 has eliminated open world PVP. Players simply cannot kill another player in the open game world when they are out questing, gathering, or just exploring the environment. While hardcore PVP'ers claim this takes the fun out of the game, ArenaNet has stated they want players to be totally immersed in questing without the fear of being ganked by a higher level player or massacred guild wars 2 gold by roving swarms of players.

As you may not know, ArenaNet has accomplished everything they set out to do when they first imagined Guild Wars 2 five years ago. They built 2 games in one with a separate world for PVE and PVP. The game looks terrific, it is a great deal of fun to play, and it is now running smoothly.

But to be honest, it remains to be seen if players will stick with GW2 for the long haul, especially without any open world PVP. The game is off to a great start with tons of new content promised for the future. So, let's just wait and see.

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