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Guild Wars 2 Will Give You Some Faith to the MMO Games

Guild Wars 2, one of the most popular video game in this summer, will be released one month later. This is a big MMORPG that is highly anticipated by many players. However, by the impact of Diablo 3, which is the highest-selling game in the PC history, people are somehow a little disappointed about gw 2 gold those "most popular" games.

In fact, it's alright if you weren't one of the faithful and if you were asking some of the hard questions. After all, so many MMOs had disappointed you before and Guild Wars 2 seemed to be promising things that it seemed they couldn't deliver.

But I still want to say "cheer up" because I believe that this MMO is looking awfully solid and so far not a single aspect of gameplay has been disappointing. Although it hasn't been officially released, but the three times' beta events can still prove the high quality of the game.

Here I just want to mention one thing, which is the subscription fee. Nothing has been more responsible for the death of more MMOs than the on-going subscription fee. Guild Wars 2 does not have one. You pay for the guild wars 2 gold game and that's it. Sure there are things, pretty shiny things in the cash store – all prestige stuff that won't imbalance the game, but you never have to spend a dime there if you don't want to. Except for the initial purchase price, Guild Wars 2 is basically a phenomenal free-to-play game.

So, if you ask me "Is Guild Wars 2 a great MMO", I can only answer you that based on the betas, it's looking that way. But the true test of any MMO is endgame. If a game is lack of game contents, it means that players get nothing to play. Therefore, until the gaming jury gets a good look at the endgame, the final verdict will have to be guild wars 2 gold withheld. The only thing I can do is hope the game will not let me down.


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