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Guild Wars 2 Wintersday Event Alive Now

It has been weeks since the famous game maker ArenaNet have announced Wintersday, the third major update of Guild Wars 2. And now it is available from December 14th. So why not be ready to enjoy your lovely winter time in the world of Tyria?

What's more, started on December 15th at 1:00 p.m. EST, the wonderful Toymaker Tixx visited the major cities to share his toys with their inhabitants. His first stop is the Grove, where he stayed for 24 hours.

He'll move to Divinity's Reach on the 16th, followed by the Black Citadel on the 17th, Hoelbrak on the 18th, and Rata Sum on the 19th. He'll end his tour on the 20th by coming to Lion's Arch, where he'll stay until the end of festivities on January 3rd.

As for me, I do hope there is something open to everyone at the same time, like the maze during the Halloween event. It was so refreshing to be able to jump into it and run around. I hope that the Wintersday will also become a classy in the guildwars2 items.

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