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Guild Wars 2:Prices,Gifts and Fan Party at PAX

This weekend, from 3 to 5 September 2010, is available for Guild Wars fans at the Penny Arcade Expo in Seattle, USA, grabs some. The Guild-Wars-makers want to throw out gifts and even a Guild Wars Party. guild wars 2The PAX schedule would bring the ArenaNet employees three stressful working days, where will the fans a lot on offer. Celebrated the playable "Guild Wars 2" demo its North American premiere. In addition, visitors can meet the developers of the game and chat, grab autographs, and win prizes and gifts to skim.

The program also include a quiz show and a presentation on the development of dynamic events from Guild Wars 2 Finally, should also have a "Guild Wars 2" Fanparty increase, which takes place in a Hard Rock Cafe. However, for presentation and party for a limited number of participants is allowed. Tickets are available at ArenaNet booth.
All information provided by ArenaNet on their booth at the PAX can be found on the ArenaNet home page, and your guide to PAX on even the official site of the fair is.
If, in the context of the PAX new information about Guild Wars 2 will be known, you learn this on and on our partner site There you also find off-PAX everything to know about Guild Wars and Guild Wars 2.

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