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Guild Wars 2's Wintersday Event Is Coming with Gifts

Let's just have a talk about what's better way to take out the stress of the holidays? For me, the best way is definitely the video game.

That's because I heard that gw2 gold cheap's Wintersday event is coming with gifts. Starting on December 14th, the Toymaker Tixx will bring presents to all the homelands of Tyria, as well as holiday-themed events to Lion's Arch. Then he'll change up the way World vs. World PvP works. And that's really amazing to me.

The biggest change Tixx is bringing to WvW is the addition of "Breakout Events." Upon a team getting crushed and losing all of its buildings, an NPC warrior will appear and lead the failing team into battle to help turn the tide.

Also coming are changes to the way building works in the form of advanced notification on builds and no more instantly rebuilding walls and towers upon their destruction. Oh, and you can't Alt-F4 without receiving death penalties and rewarding your enemies anymore. That's helpful.

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