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GuildWars 2 -The Journey is a horror

Development of a single game title is always expensive. Used technologies are sophisticated, licensing middleware components is essential if development studio does not want to invest heavily in programming your own engine. In one top is the guild wars 2 gold title of several dozen people a powerful editor that finances development. Beside AAA titles created and Beck, who often, in spite of poor quality, they can surprise excellent gameplay. And then there is an independent production.

Current development team has their own producers, designers, graphic designers, programmers, XXV Productions team has, however, only one member of a team is Jonathan Boakes, who are fans of old-school adventure! Despite this handicap, Jonathan succeeded on his adventure to create GuildWars 2 series! GuildWars 2: The Journey is a horror point-n-click adventure game released in the second half of last year and the quality far been appreciated. Yes GuildWars 2 had terrible graphics, poor presentation and throughout the project reflected a lack of staff and a limited budget. The advantage of this was the title story and indescribable atmosphere of which was running a shiver down my spine. Whispers in the dark, slow process for an undisclosed desert location at the train station and were indescribable. Also, thanks to the publisher The Adventure Company, the GuildWars 2 underwent continued in the form of GuildWars 2: Light Out.
The Lights Out has been seen bigger budget and technical processing is improved. The top 3D engines and the use of features simply forget accelerators. Now GuildWars 2 series, is a nostalgic trip to the periods when there were the first puzzle adventure including outdated graphics and rendering processes! Jonathan does not leave time for a mystery inspired by true events, when the Scottish Flannan Isle lighthouse was extinguished one day and disappeared without a trace three inhabitants of the island. There were no tracks and no evidence of violence. It just vanished in the mist. This legend is literally saturated with Lights Out.

The city comes to Trewarthan requirement dr. Robert Demariona, young aspiring cartographer with the avant-garde style of the Royal Academy Benjamin Parker. Role mapping the coast of the city is an insult to him. Coast was already several times plotted in charts, so why not just send here? The secret starts after detecting the first contact, locals hindered in plotting and everywhere is suspiciously quiet. Dr. Demarion a calculating man, it was requested that Benjamin was not a fluke. It happened exactly 29 April 1912, when the lighthouse on Fetch Rock Island, and Benjamin turns off this piece of land took on a small boat. That will be on the island something unpleasant happens, I do not possibly deliver.

In Lighst Out can find a huge effort of one man, who devoted long study legends and history of the lighthouse itself. Scotland legend Jonathan has developed its own fiction and made it only through a number of newspapers, books and photographs. GuildWars 2 is not about collecting items and combining them. While playing, you will come across a few puzzles to solve only by carefully reviewing each document and locations on the screen. Scroll through the different locations in the Lights Out nonlinear and therefore might well be, getting lost or forget important place. The game is linear and the puzzles can be solved in several ways. Their difficulty is not high, if you spend reviewing and marking the paper every little thing. And here is the biggest problem.

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