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Healthy People Do Not Need to Add Protein Powder and Buy Dragon Nest Gold Here

Adult protein intake per person per day is 65 to 90 grams, or count by the total energy accounted for 10% to 12% to meet the metabolic needs. The highest protein intake was 0.92 g per  dragon nest gold      kilogram of body weight, if more than this amount is likely to harm human health. Jun cautioned that eating regular healthy people to add extra protein powder, long-term in a "high protein load" of the state, easily lead to a large number of calcium loss, but also a heavy burden to the kidneys. At the same time, the product of protein metabolism in the body of ammonia, urea, other nitrogen-containing material needs through renal excretion.

Protein intake because of the age, weight, and there are some differences in labor intensity differences. Growth and development of children and adolescents, pregnant or lactating women, the protein requirement will be higher. On the contrary, lead to malnutrition due to lack of protein, usually only in an inappropriate diet, vegetarian and poor populations.karahangold0
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Best protein supplement or tonic. Protein into animal protein and vegetable protein, life, source of protein should be more focus on the choice of appropriate reduction in meat, and more choices beans, eggs, dairy products and other high-quality protein. Animal protein more plant protein than the body needs, a quality protein. In animal protein, eggs, fish protein is best, followed by chicken, duck, followed by beef, mutton, and finally the pork. In vegetable protein, soy protein is also a quality protein, tofu, dried bean curd and other soy products can easily be absorbed by the body. Need to be reminding that, in the protein supplement, we should also pay attention to carbohydrates, lipids, vitamins and minerals. Because of the lack of these nutrients will not only affect the protein utilization and metabolism, will also cause some diseases.

For pregnant women with eating disorders, patients, the elderly and those living without regular people, they may not be from the diet to sufficient quantities of protein intake in the under the guidance of doctors and pharmacists could be considered appropriate to add protein powder.

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