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Times to play and the queue
The popularity of specific servers has caused queues as needed. These queues are given based on the server load. The waiting time for our most populated servers are longer than the waiting time to less populated servers. You can use monitoring tools on the website of Aion to determine which servers are most densely populated and has more or less long time in the queue for access. Queues are (shorter access times and disappear) in the coming days as the players on our servers currently available. We are working on ways to facilitate, to the waiting time in queues.

The balance of political groups

Only allowed players to create characters of one faction on each server. For example, if you create a character in Elyos Character Siel Elyos can create on this server. For this reason, it will concentrate mainly on the balance of political groups on each server at startup and thereafter. When we see a particular server will start to be biased in favor of one party, temporarily turn off the creation of the character of the party on the server. Consider the creation of this temporary block may be after a few hours. If you find that you preferred not a sign of their choice of features, refer to wait a bit and try later, can still be created once. We apologize for any inconvenience this maycause, but we believe it is a necessary step to obtain a balanced server.

Metalworking (preorder collectors)

To have one or two pre-orders on request and Collector's Edition of the game elements, you first verify that your account has the appropriate codes were used to play Aion, and then claim that the elements of the character (s) on our website. After scoring the theme packages for your character (s) on our website, you must wait some time (perhaps up to 12 hours) before the articles are available in the game. His theme packs available when the icon appears a small box in the lower right corner of the screen to see next to the compass. You can appear on the panel and a dealer in the black cloud to deliver your products. You can get to the NPC to their products. If you do not retrieve all the elements before the refusal of traders Black Cloud, the elements remain in the normal field.


Cosmetic Surgery NPC

The sex change the look and the NPCs are available in the game, but tickets can be used in this purchase are not yetavailable providers. Please keep an eye on the website of Aion information about these characters further implementation.

I try to enter my serial code Aion Aion my cabinet, and asked me to open an account Guild Wars update? WHY?

You use the wrong code. There are two codes in the game yourAion Field:

There is a 25-digit Wings Aion Guild Wars promotional code, which accounts for Guild Wars. This code provides a "Aion Wings for Guild Wars" emote. Anyone who tries to use frequently and not on behalf of the Aeon.

Aion your serial code is to detail a number, 20 digits, which are also included. On the third page of its "Quick Reference Card" at the base. It is entitled "Activation code". This is the code to activate or create your own game Aion.

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