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How Do You Feel about the Gore in Fallen Earth

We asked this because we have read a thread in the official Fallen Earth forum saying that the OP hates the gore a lot in the game. So we wonder if there are any other players agree with him.

"Well first of all you already can get your GORE weapons from doing pvp. For 900 DT you get a small Shiva neutralizer which you can sell for 1-2r. Or sell other DT stuff like the assembly books. Looking at the current AH prices you would need roughly 100k DT give or take to afford T1 weapons.

But +1 for the suggestion to get a checkbox "no GORE" when signing up for BS. Those non-gore matches would probably be dominated by vets with DT gear, but I'd rather be killed by them than by 2 guys waving their big lunatic into my general direction."

Therefore, it seems ridiculous the difference in the teams in sports with a team of 4 guys with the gore pistols vs. 2 guys with no gore. As for me, I haven't played the game of Fallen Earth for a while, but I really want to know if there are any other players annoying about buy fallen earth powerleveling.

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