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How Do You Like Diablo III Now After More Than Two Months

It is more than two months have passed since Diablo III is released. During this period of time, numerous problems have appeared and there are many complains about the game from the players. Finally, Blizzard, the developer of the game, had admitted that Diablo III is lack of endgame.

And now, more than two months has passed, and what do you think the game now? In fact, I do saw some negative comments saying that:

"It's very close to being a fun game but it doesn't quite succeed. The main reason for me is loot. Loot is simply too complicated to evaluate. Tons of rare drop and the process of IDing them, wondering if these stats will sell, testing that by AHing them and discovering that many of them don't is diablo 3 gold frustrating."

There are also positive sounds about the game and the RMAH from the players, too.

"I really like the AH - it would be so frustrating if a great piece of gear drops and most of the time it is not for my class. Cybercrime is so much sophisticated; trading with strangers over dubious web sites would not have appealed to me in 2002 and is out of the question in 2012. So I can't see not having the AH in a grind game. Unless it was just a cheat-code single person game, or does not sound appealing to me."

Of course one could argue that all this doesn't matter for Blizzard: They sold 6.3 million copies of the game in the first week, and as this is not a subscription game and most players don't spend big bucks on the real money AH, it doesn't matter so much for Blizzard if most people stopped playing by now. On the other hand, if everybody remembers Diablo 3 as a cheap diablo 3 gold game that got boring really fast, it will be hard to sell Diablo 4.

So are you still playing Diablo III? What’s your impression of it now?  Is it still as much fun? Do you enjoy the "endgame", or did it turn into a grind real fast? The buy diablo 3 gold problem is do you still trust in Blizzard?

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