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How the Value of Gold Will Change in Diablo 3

In fact, I don't want to talk about the Blizzard and Diablo III's fraud any more, even though there are so many people believe that is the truth. I wanna say something about the Diablo III gold in this post, something that I really feel puzzled about.

Personally, I think right now, it's not hard to acquire a decent stash of gold but you quickly will find ways to spend all of it. You diablo 3 gold can farm a couple hundred thousand Diablo 3 gold per hour playing the auction house, but there are so many things to spend that money on at the moment. There are gems, gear, weapons, pages, tomes, shared stash tabs, artisans, crafting materials, etc. Everything needs Diablo III gold.

However, the bad thing is that the gold is going to lose value over time, especially since the majority of gold sinks are one time purchases for your entire account. The other gold sinks, such as repair bills and salvaging gear, will probably not stop the inevitable inflation of gold. We all know about that.

So what I truly care about is that will Diablo 3 gold become useless like it did in Diablo 2? Absolutely not. But will its value be a lot less than it is now, particularly when we can all farm with the Nehalem valor buff. That is to say, we need to buy items in order to protect ourselves against inflation. You don't need to spend 90% of your income doing this, but a nice 5% to 10% fund would be more than enough.

Therefore, the truth is, you could probably buy anything from legendaries to rank 14 gems in order to protect yourself against inflation. A legendary selling for 300,000 gold now might sell buy diablo 3 gold for a million or so in a matter of months.

Well, I'm not saying that the Diablo III gold and Diablo III items are everything in Diablo III. At least this is the last thing that I want to happen in the Diablo III!

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