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How to choose your Swtor class in game

How to choose your Swtor-The Old Republic class and crew skills in game?

                                                                   -Advises from farming team.



Everyone goes to Swtor-The Old Republic as everyone knows how the light cyber works, and it’s cool. So the most popular character to begin this game is Sith Warrior or Jedi Knight for Shadow or Light side. But do you really know other classes; have you ever experience their story line? Let me show you an overview.


Empire Agent has the most interesting story line, however many players don’t like this class because sometimes Empire Agent plays a healing role. Trooper has the fun too. Smugger get some interesting clue compared with other classes, but not as much as Trooper in my position. But of you choose your Smugger character to be a male and make some dark choice in game, it will be extremely funny; of course, you have to play a long range attack which need more skills. Also if you choose the attack talent for Smugger, you will find that it has a very impressive farming credits efficiency, if you need Swtor credits, you know that GameGoldFast always stand at your side.


Swtor All Class Images


Sometimes some players just want to be a team support and they don’t like to rush at the front line, just press the healing button with a cup of coffee in hand, so you can choose. There are 3 healing classes in both faction, republic got SmuggleràScoundrel, TrooperàCommando, Jedi ConsularàJedi Sage; empire get Empire AgentàOperative, Bounty HunteràMercenary, Sith InquisitoràSith Sorceror. All of them have the equal healing supply if you set the talent tree for healing, the difference is your choice for dark or light and what kind of playing style you like.


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