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How to Make Enough SWTOR Credits While Leveling Up

Sometimes as a video game players, I am lazy about the game I am playing. The situation just occured in the SWTOR. I want to make enough credits in the game, but I have to level up quickly. These are actually the same purpose, but I need some tips to make them perfectly together. Then I found some here.

The very first tip is to join a group and kill. This is actually one of the easiest and fastest way to amass SWTOR credits, experience and even valuable items. When you are playing as a group you gain experience every time a player in the group gets a kill. You can also take on larger hordes of enemies, more difficult quests and more to get tons of credits and useful item drops.

You can also set forth to explore the Galaxy. This is a very simple way to earn experience points. In most cases when you come across an undiscovered area you will get a notification saying your swtor credits cheap codex has been updated. When this happens, you not only get the location mapped on your mini-map but you are also awarded with a handful of XP.

The last one but not the least one is to craft to riches. In fact, the easiest way to generate tons of credits in Star War the Old Republic is by leveling up your crafting-based crew skills to the point where you can create high value items to sell to other players. This is accomplished with Synthweaving, Cybertech, Armstech or Armormech. All these skills can be leveled to 400 but once you reach the higher levels they become invaluable skills to have.

There are definitely many more other tips for this. You can find a bunch of tips through Google. However, some of them are actually useless so you should try them first. Then why not start from here?

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