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How to Make Money from Diablo III

As so many players attracted by Blizzard's new released Diablo III, many people wonder if they can make real money through the game. Obviously the answer is yes. We know that the cash diablo 3 gold auction of Diablo 3 is coming and this is a good chance for you to make real money by selling gold or the rare equipments you get in the game.

Actually, the auction system is a design decision-making. Gamers were willing to trade their hard-earned money for in-game products, and were forced into shady, backroom transactions. Blizzard in diablo iii gold an effort to put an end to this, as well as perhaps make some money in the process, created a built-in real money auction house in the game. Players will now be allowed to sell and buy their in game items for dollars, yen, pounds etc. This will allow a more dynamic in-game economy and create more motivated players.
After weeks of the game, a large number of players have entered the senior stage. However, with millions of players purchasing the game, and fact that millions of dollars are traded in in-game digital goods purchases, it's easy to see that diablo 3 gold there is a way to make money from Diablo 3, question is how?

Players are often having very strong demand for equipment updates. In the auction house, the price of a top gear has risen to tens or even millions of gold. They still have a constant stream of buyers. Blizzard is also seizes this opportunity to earn money. Blizzard takes a fee for each sold transaction, currently that number seems to be $1.25, but it's not official until the final release. Commodity good sold in bulk diablo iii gold will likely have a 15% fee, and are sold in stock-market style of buy and sell orders.
If you are a good gamer, you surely can get money from Diablo III. But I don't think it's easy to get rare equipments in the game. So diablo 3 gold the only way to become rich is persistent fighting for equipments.

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