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I acquired an email from FFXIV

I acquired an email from FFXIV channel as well as saw the new trailer, decided to examine more and saw this Heritage factor, We the very first time because SE started to cost all of us I paid my fee hoping to get the choco mount and to let know Ze that there is still ppl which desires farmville achieve success, please Ze don't desapoint me personally again.

I understand we got cool CGI films before v1.0, and I realize that those v2.0 screenshots very can be not what we expect but to desire expenses several this time at least in my experience, I understand which ppl may respond to new sport and state, is what you do by 50 percent years? well after i logged back after almost a year I had the actual felling which FFXIV Items is how We belong a lot more than guild wars 2 or any other present MMO, although I do not plan to play it a lot because time is very short 'cause function as well as family and the game still needs a lot of change to cause me to feel really feel once again those all emotions I got in FFXI, I know which that could difficult but I just want a fraction of those aged occasions such as when I arrived first time in Sand hills and make your own first real celebration, when you unlocked, when you completed objective Five, or even the sophisticated jobs, etc etc, well all that make you feel pretty awesome in game as well as in actual life, We still keep in mind I acquired that stupid grin during my face for a week at work simply because I acquired use of Sky final weekend

Simply hope which new images engine will operate game better than real, each and every patch simply created my game reduced, now I'd to create most graphic options to regular, the game still appear beautiful and better than additional currents mmos although. As well as make sure you fix that windowed setting. Something that We liked is the fact that after i visited FFXIV youtube . com chanel 156k ppl watched this so there is still hope to a lot people within sport with regard to version 2.0.

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