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Introduciton on the lead fallen earth game designer known as Lee Hammock

MMORPG players know Lee Hammock for his role as Lead Game Designer for Fallen Earth. We learn today that nonetheless "the Man with the Beard" is leaving the team for development of post-apocalyptic MMORPG to return to his first love: writing and comics.
Lee Hammock listing Gargantuan effect joining the studio, the developer of MMO Marvel Universe Online, as Story Designer (so it will work on the storyline of Super Hero MMO).
For the record, Lee Hammock began his career as a writer of roleplaying games table (he must campaign of Dungeons and Dragons), then Comic Books (DC Comics) as before winning author (for example he signed a graphic novel inspired by the Halo license) and integrate the development team at Fallen Earth as lead designer.
It's been six months since Fallen Earth has been launched and to celebrate that we offer a roteuse all active players and remember the progress made since the exit.
Recently awarded the Best Online Game by Game Industry News and several selections for the 2009 best MMO, Fallen Earth has evolved since its launch in September.
In Icarus Studios, says that it will miss Lee Hammock of Fallen Earth team but that the offer of Gargantuan did not refuse. 

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