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Is Diablo III Still a Good Game

In case of you don't know, Diablo III is the one of the most popular MMORPGs in the world made by Blizzard, a famous American game developer. Diablo III was released on May 15th, and it diablo 3 gold sale became the bestselling video game in the PC game history. However, it's always on a tough journey since it was released.

The latest trouble for Diablo III must be the Wizard and Barbarian bugs. They revealed themselves in Diablo III last week, causing protests on the forums and calls for bans. The first exploit involved a Wizard casting Teleport: Fracture and interrupting it a split second later by casting Archon. The result was that the Wizard could not take any damage for the rest of the game, even after changing his gear and skills. When the exploit became publicly known, players used it to farm act 3 and 4 with full sets of magic find gear until it was hotfixed, but it was later shown that the exploit had been in the game for least a month and may have been abused since launch.

Just after Blizzard had fixed the Wizard exploit, a related exploit allowed Barbarians to gain the on-hit procs from Furious Charge as permanent buffs by charging into any boss with a cutscene such as Ghom. The cutscene interrupted the charge and made the charge's on-hit effects permanent. Players could gain 8% of their maximum life on every hit or cause a 2.5-second stun on every critical strike, leading to some incredibly unbalanced builds. Players also dealt the charge's damage every time they ran past an enemy, in extreme cases causing them to explode on contact. This diablo 3 gold exploit was hotfixed but has also been in the game for over a month.

Although these exploits had already been fixed by Blizzard, there are still many players say that Blizzard is not care about the game itself. In fact, Diablo III is indeed a good game; it just needs some detailed fixes.

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