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Is Free To Play Model Actually a Sign of Failure

Recently I have always been told about the free to play model for video games. Then I have to think about it for a while. How much do I know about the free to play model in the games like SWTOR?

In fact, in the MMORPG industry, whether employed or entertained, while gamers would pay monthly subscription fees to allow immersion in their online worlds of choice, more and more games are surrendering to the swtor power leveling FTP model regularly. This can be even called a trend in the video game world.

However, the real question behind this migration is whether this is an indication of failure. There are several games available that initially released with subscriptions to play and slowly transitioned to the FTP model. The SWTOR is the best example. It will be FTP in this fall and who can say that the game is dying?

Another major title recently released FTP from the start was the GW 2. Here we have a second release of a game that the first was also one of the earliest FTP MMORPG's available. Though the original did not follow the aforementioned FTP model, this current version very much does. With these new competitors to the field we are observing as major successes upon release have announced moving towards this model in the game.

Therefore, what we really wanna ask is whether the FTP model is actually a sign of failure or progress? As long as the fans and truly dedicated players are properly appeased, the development thereafter is the key. What do you think?

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