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It's Lucky to Know Guild Wars 2 Developer Is Here With Us

If you are a facebook liker, you will see there are so many posts on the Guild Wars 2 facebook page. Some of them are just in one sentence. But they do make people feel that the game developer, ArenaNet is here with us players. Today, I saw this one: "If you've been having trouble with PvP, is it working now?" When I firstly saw this, honestly guild wars 2 gold I was been touched, anyway, the company is trying its best, right?

As we can see, so many people are playing Guild Wars 2 that ArenaNet has stopped selling it; when you hit those kinds of numbers, problems are inevitable, but the developer is working hard to meet demand.

"The magnitude of this launch just dwarfs everything we have done in the past, and there are certain things you just can't predict. Certainly right now none of us are sleeping very much, as we make sure we iron out everything that our customers are running into, and trying to make this launch as smooth as possible," said ArenaNet founder and President Mike O'Brien.

"There are so many people playing right now, our servers are under such stress. And they're holding up pretty well, but there are little things going on all the time that we need to chase down. And so we're literally working around the clock trying to make sure that all our players are having a great experience.

"Right now it's all hands on deck. We're in the middle of a launch, and we want to make sure that the game is off to a great start. We want to make sure that players are having a flawless experience in the game, so as things crop up that we need to address we're working around the clock to address them. We've got the whole company focused on the live gw 2 gold game and addressing everything that comes up."

It's really lucky to have a game that is truly interesting. And it is even better to know that the game maker is always here with you for solving various problems for you. Therefore, why don't we stop complaining and just enjoy ourselves in the mysterious game world?

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