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Library offers new services for young people

Hall's point is located in the library downstairs, and the atmosphere is calm, but the game Point the game room is a tough hustle and bustle. A group of boys sitting on an Xbox 360 game machines with the eye closely on the TV screen. Sometimes players are replacing a game library employee Mathias Hämäläinen visiting.
- Sons is a runescape gold engine users more basic workstations are more popular with girls. Girls surf the Internet more, young military department cheerful man Mathias Hämäläinen says.
Game Point has attracted the kinds of young library users who do not spend their time among books. Players with different games and games can be acquired to give the staff's wishes. The word from the passing game for the young, the number of visitors rising all the time. Game fans will love the library's Youth Department held Friday Runescape, game nights, and a board game club meets on Thursdays at Axis Hall. Game nights have also included a library employee.
Runescape game-nights in a computer class held in the library (2nd floor) on Fridays 15.00-18.30. Board Game Club meets Shaft District Library Hall on Thursdays from 16:00-20:00.
Leppävaaran regional library was opened in January Youth Information and Counselling Centre yESBOx. YESBoxista promises to answer all the questions young people. Questions may relate, for example hobbies, housing, or työhakuun.
- Where you can practice badminton, how can you get a summer job abroad, lists the leading young director Reijo yESBOxin examples of Russian workers of the questions. Counselling Centre is seeking clients in particular the 13-25 year-olds, and the questions correspond to information retrieval from trained youth workers.
Youth Services has set up a yESBOxeja shopping centers so that young people should be as easy to find the information desk. The library is located in a point yESBOxissa answered all the questions you want to bring services to where young people are moving. YESBOxit cooperate closely with the library and expects the Russian forward to everything that co-operation can be done. Youth Services also collaborates with schools, secondary schools, all young people are exploring the school organized by the kirjastokäynneillä yESBOxeihin.
Libraries make efficient use of network services: lending books, and book has long been possible to make the internet and now the library's activity may participate in matters of beads-chat. If you have any questions on library services, operating rules, fees, and no time to wait in line at the counter, so you can send your question via the network.

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