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Live Interview with Tasos Flambouras of Darkfall Unholy Wars

As a matter of fact, I personally think that the famous MMO Darkfall is the kind of game that scares new players away, but with the upcoming launch of Unholy Wars, I want to encourage you all to give it a shot. I said this because I think you should know something more about the game.

Actually I haven't been playing the Drakfall for a while but Darkfall is something I truly feel all players–PvE and PvP alike–can buy darkfall powerleveling have fun with and, with a good clan, is one of the best MMO experiences available today. Anyway, so why not we just get into our main topic today if you want to have a try of this game?

So if you have questions about Darkfall Online: Unholy Wars, then you should mark you ever 29 November before 2012. The English-language website mmorpg hosted a live interview with Tasos Flambours of Aventurine.

We all know that Aventurine has already published some information and videos about the new version 2.0. Nevertheless, one or the other fan certainly burn a few questions under the nails.

Therefore, if you are a new beginner in the game, you have the chance to ask some questions directly to the developers on 29th November, 2012. The English-language website will hold a live interview with Tasos Flambouras of Aventurine. Details will be available in the announcement.

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