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Merge science and agriculture for the development of chickpea madrileo

The chickpea varieties grown in the Madrid have the characteristics of being very rich in protein and fiber, but currently developing new types estn with 20% ms protena to supplement the animal normally consumes.
The region has conducted a study to determine local varieties of chickpea and its features to select as the most interesting and promote your explotaciny, buy apb cash, marketing, according to a statement reported in the Minister of Environment.
The Institute Investigaciny Madrileo of Rural Development, Agricultural and Food (IMIDRA) is responsible for carrying out the "transfer of the rural RESEARCH scientist, for farmers to grow improved varieties" as has been expressed as the managing director, Ricardo Riquelme.
The IMIDRA has eight centers across the Community and covers about 70, apb cash, experimental work on vineyards and winemakers, olive cultivation, new crops and molecular biology, agriculture Ecolgico, food quality and soil descontaminacin restauraciny, among others.
The goal is to "transform the Economic activity profitable environmentally sustainable activity", according to the director general said the Environment, Juan Jos Cerrn, who has visited this morning one of the facilities IMIDRA El Encn of Alcala de Henares.
The IMIDRA performs the above processes in plant breeding, selecting optimal plant characteristics. After testing to verify that the seed is good, we proceed to grow it in different places at the time it seeks to convey the quality genes to be looking for.
Chickpea varieties with which it works are not autctonas Community of Madrid, but improved and adapted to the conditions prevailing in the region.
The resulting varieties are called "traditional", according to the director explained the department's transfer IMIDRA, Cristina de Lorenzo who works for the improvement and conserva madrileo chickpea.
The region of Madrid has 2,000 hectares under cultivation of chickpea in the region of Las Vegas, Navan and Torremocha del Jarama, in which three types of beans grown fundamental milky white, the brown or Castilian and Pedrosillano.
The varieties have been developed in this center of IMIDRA under the name "Imia 2" from chickpea Pedrosillano is the pequeoy ms ms appreciated, since "taste is very buttery," sec n De Lorenzo explained. Such improvement exceeds the size of the Pedrosillano but maintains the same variety Botanical.
The "Imia 2" are resistant to rabies chickpea, the main disease that limits the cultivation of this vegetable, unlike the previous ones that were only tolerant and in a year as the current "with lots of rain is very difficult than the fungus does not attack, "the director has said.


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