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Monthly Collectibles of Gaia Online

Founded in June 2003 after users of Gaia Online request a donation system in an attempt to raise revenue for the site for $ 2.50 each user gives on-site, he or she receives one point known as an envelope sealed in their inventory.

Bark will be on sale on the first day of the month and are released every month, August 15-September 2008, the envelopes were opened on the 8th, but on October 2, 2008 it was decided that the publication would have been returned to the fifteenth. In a sealed envelope to the user's inventory is lost and replaced with thank-you letter for the current month to charges (for example, Thank you for your letter of August 2004 represents a payment, because the month of the year) .

Users can then open these virtual letters to choose from two or three objects in a limited edition presented a report on each letter. These elements were known as elements Donate to potential legal problems led to the name change,you can with gaia gold.  Monthly items to collect, and Thank You letters are available on the specific month that they are released, for example, objects can be found in the letter of thanks in April 2006, is found only in the letter and could buy only the letter in April 2006. Letters may be purchased by phone, sms, phone, PayPal, credit cards, traditional mail or via Gaia Cash Cash Shop La Victoire. Envelopes and letters can be bought and sold through the shops of the user or Marketplace.


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