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Multiplayer Online Battle Arena Teased in Guild Wars 2

Guild Wars 2 is one of my favorite MMOs, I have to admit this. As a famous video game that has such a large player base, its developer, ArenaNet never stopped bringing new things to players. We all know the Halloween themed update in the game recently for the Halloween week; however, not all of us know the other things.

I said "other things" here because I know there are also something new were teased in the game. It called the "Multiplayer Online Battle Arena".

As the matter of fact, Guild Wars 2 is often proclaimed as one of the few awesome things in the history of awesomeness to actually live up the awesome hype surrounding it. And while that game is still doing hot numbers, ArenaNet isn't above venturing into new ideas.

A discussion in Seattle the kinds of games developers are working on from mobiles to eSports, an ArenaNet employee teased, "With the success of League of Legends, it seems like everyone's building a MOBA these days…even ArenaNet is working on building a MOBA."

MOBA or Multiplayer Online Battle Arena guildwars2 items games are like a fusion between action and real-time strategies, where players control a single hero, without constructing any new units and work towards defeating their opponents in standalone games using strategy and cunning, not to mention the hero's abilities, over tank-rushing and economics.

However, the question of how far ArenaNet actually is in creating a standalone title on this style of gameplay is unknown. But whether it's a new title or form of gameplay, it bears close observation over the next few months.

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