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Muqtada al-Sadr threatens new attacks on U.S. troops out of Iraq if

The chi clrigo radical Muqtada al-Sadr threatens new attacks today against U.S. troops in Iraq if they do not leave the pas, that parties despus Policy How Iraqi decide to negotiate with the U.S. military trainers permanence.
In a message on the web page of the Sadrist Current, the clrigo complaint with the U.S. military to leave the "sacred territory" and return, buy dcuo cash, to their "families who are waiting impatiently for us to live in a pas sure. "
"I ask if they have someone to occupy your country. It gives democracy right to occupy another country" Asked al-Sadr, who claimed to speak "on behalf of freedom, democracy, law to decide and humanity. "
For Elder chi, the Iraqi are "capable of fighting terrorism and Iraq's unity. We do not, dcuo cash, want your bases and your workouts. Salgis is better than the pas that you may not have you and your coaches and objectives. "
In his view, U.S. military trainers have been taught to Iraqi soldiers "torturing prisoners, killing innocents and bombing cities," so it promised to continue the resistance until you get your way out.
The Iraqi deputy prime minister Nuri Rouz Shauis announced after a gathering of coalitions POLICIES a week ago, an agreement to instruct the Government to start talks with the U.S. for the stay of its troops from end of 2011, upon expiration of the security treaty between the two passes.
But those negotiations should be limited to matters slo military training under the agreement signed by both strategically passes.
In the past week, Muqtada al Sadr has stepped up its threats to America, but just a month ago congelacin announced the military actions of his militia the "armies of the Mahdi," by infiltracin in she criminals.


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