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My Personal Thoughts on Upcoming DFUW

I have seen in a number of threads a lot of people making statements along the lines of 'Don't make DF a PvP game'. Well I hate to tell you this, but that is what it is. None the less there is nothing wrong with that and that is not what killed the old game.

The grind and power difference between old and new players and this is why.

The longer the game existed the more high power long term players there were so that it became less and less viable to be a new player. Thats half of it. The other half is that because of this there was a stagnant player base with very little new blood to replace the old. This had another repercussion. With a stagnant player base the same people kept fighting each other and every month a certain amount of people would be at the bottom of the barrel and almost always lose and leave the game out of frustration. This caused a dwindling player base till finally there were just a small group of very good PvPers left.

Now with a smaller grind and a lesser spread between new and old you have have a constant influx of new player and this does two things.

1. Replaces leaving darkfall gold farming players with new ones.

2. Constantly adds new people to the skill spread so that even those that aren't very good will always have new people who are even less good so they don't feel like they always lose and leave.

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