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New Pieces of Content will be Added in Star Wars: The Old Republic

As one thing you must know about the famous video game Star Wars: The Old Republic (SWTOR) is that the game is on its way of rising from the ashes. I am saying this because I'm sure you know that the game and its maker, BlioWare was in a difficult time because of the layoff. However, they are going to swtor credits make a comeback now.

You must have heard that the SWTOR will be free to play soon. Moreover, we also learned that there will be some new content coming to the game. While dates have not been confirmed yet, there are several new pieces of content we know is on the way in the near future. Here we are going to introduce you some of them.

The first new piece is the new warzone. It is said that there will be a new warzone added to SWTOR called the Ancient Hypergate. It's supposed to be on the new planet of Asation and they promise us new game mechanics… whatever that means. A new warzone is a plus for anyone who loves PvP and since there will be many benefits with a free to play model; we can expect this to affect PvP as well as the population of servers. There will be more players, more fighting and more fun.

Secondly, for those who enjoy the space combat, there will be new missions which also mean more opportunities for extra credits. One problem that we've all seen in the game is that the lower level missions just don't make enough credits for it to be worth it to go back and do them. But there will be 10 new level 50 missions for us to enjoy.

In addition to the new Warzone and the new missions, there will also be a new operation. This one is called Terror from Beyond and again takes us to the planet Asation. There will be a variety of new bosses and fun to figure out.

There are also other new game contents in the SWTOR such as the HK-51 Assassin Droid and Cartel Market and Coins. And these are all the most interesting parts of contents in the game. Although the buy swtor credits is on a tough way, we know BioWare is stand with us players, and they aimed to provide a great game for us. So, after all these things happened, what is more important than a game that is really designed for players?

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