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New Warzone Will Be Introduced in SWTOR Update 1.6

I guess many players of Star Wars: The Old Republic are now feeling exhausted about the game's F2P model. I recommend to hang tight because some new endgame content of SWTOR is just around the corner this week - the upcoming game update 1.6, named Ancient Hypergate, will introduce a new PvP warzone.

"- Fight to take control of two powerful energy pylons and power up your faction's portal.
- Discharge more energy into your gate by defeating more enemy forces.
- Release deadly reinforcements by fully activating your portal first and wipe out your enemies."

What's more, the BioWare developers will be getting six new heroic space combat missions:
"- Fly your ship to victory in six exciting new Level 50 space missions per faction.
- Tougher enemies and objectives will challenge the greatest pilots in the galaxy.
- Earn Black Hole Commendations to spend on vanity items, ship upgrades, and impressive high level gear."

The servers will be coming down this Tuesday at midnight PST, according to the swtor credits cheap blog. And it will be back up again by sunrise so you can go straight into the new PvP zone once you get up.

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