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NHN showing latest tera promo high resolution version delivers

From the Tokyo Game Show has been held in Busan, Korea "G-Star 2010". Bishibashi 4Gamer plans to deliver the latest information directly in the field this year, sent the first "TERA" the G-Star promotional movie for trying on at once. For more information about the movie but have no idea, what's showing at the booth NHN anyway, it said.

Speaking of next-generation MMORPG TERA GOLD has led to the position of this G-Star is one of the very greatest attention at work. Expression of Nontagettingu, a complete real-time combat and action game called, MMORPG growing film expected to realize.
More of a movie, where is seems to be only part of the middle Ingemumubi, but the main thing flavored promotions, such as molding the character of course, also effects other species, so comparatively faithful to the game I hope I will be.

The combat just feels like what color, but the little heart-warming. First half of the movie, middle, and end the gladiatorial Kesutanikku seems, Bikiniama women appeared, with a continuous story (and sexy time) can enjoy high image.

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