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Path of Exile beta once D3 beta begins

I'd like to obtain a PoE beta crucial just to destroy period until D3 arrives. Not necessarily interested in any when the approaching video games besides Skyrim and BF3.

Even though I do not have evidence, I think a lot of of gamers may decrease PoE instantly as soon as D3 goes retail. No doubt that will have a tiny fanbase but like 90% may transfer one to diablo 3 gold selling or even a few of the mayor approaching MMO's like GW2.

Diablo 3 has lots of potential, but face it, it's just a game title in order to link the transition-period till the next best thing, that for ARPG's is going to be undoubtly D3.

TL offered lots of copies I think due to the low cost and the fact that presently there wasn't really other things fascinating out there concerning ARPG's at that time it was launched. The rest of the ARPG's were out-of-date and can't think of any kind of ARPG's aside from the previously mentioned types. Make sure you prove me wrong in case I am incorrect.

Through exactly what I've seen so far I actually do however such as the skill-system associated with PoE a lot more compared to one of D3. But that is for an additional thread.

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