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Potions in Darkfall online

Herbalism and alchemy are the two well known potions in Darkfall online. Try to always take potions with you, they can save you in sticky situation.
Herbalism include minor potions and moderate potions, and both are good for health, mana and stamina. The two kinds of position have the same ingredients, empty vials and herbs.
Alchemy is a major potions in darkfall online, and it also includes a bunch of other potions that have not been tested. These potions needs a lot of stuff to made up of that is skinned from various mobs and drops. They also require 10-15-25g each. A major stamina potion requires one blood and two tooth to make.
By comparison, the herbalism potions are much cheaper and much easier to make. The alchemy potions are more complicated but more powerful.
When your first begin to play the game, you may think you make herbalism in order to make 50 herb a prereq for alchemy, but later on you will change your mind, making herbalism is also for wisdom a prereq instead. Alchemy is the successor of herbaliam. All races but for Dwarf are not allowed to start Alchemy right from beginning, since it is 25.1 wisdom needed for that. By now, you possibly suddenly understand the purpose of making herbalism, not really for 50 herb prereq for alchemy, but for wisdom to make alchemy.
Alchemy is powerful and not easy to get, so its price is high. Herbalism is minor potions, and easy to get, as a result, they are cheap.


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