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Quest Design and World of Warcraft .....


Well, I can hear it no more slowly, that all say that the quests in WoW are boring and unimaginative. That it always just about "Bring me X times Y" and "Kill X times Z" is about. But you know what? The only difference between a single-player game and WoW is that WoW is also clear mission objectives. Today I played as a round of Red Dead Redemption.
Since I've played for a while after no more RDR, progress was somewhat slow.
Finally, I can devote myself but then a mission. The gameplay ran from her as follows:

Ride to destination
Kill opponents
Back ride

In WoW would see all this:

Go-to destination
-10 Kill opponents
Go Back

Notice the difference? Right. There are virtually none.
Of course there are exceptions. It was in RDR for example, once a mission in the buried explosive devices must be to surprise a convoy. Of course, made very interesting.

But later in WoW was the following:

Outpost on which one is besieged by elves, and this attack
-Man has received from the quest the items, "It Hits the ore," which can be markers for an artillery
made-to a high position and the elves and primitive use of artillery to the Gar identified

Of course, this is tailored to MMORPG, thus it can not compete with single-player games. But it is almost as much fun and is an interesting change, away from the "tedious quest design," which is often accused of MMORPGs.

I hope I was able to be rethinking some poor souls.

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