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Realtime Worlds APB purchase MyWorld still in limbo

Development , European-based games industry magazine trade event sales Project MyWorld problems studio Realtime Worlds to unnamed U.S. company. Ever sold released on its website earlier today, that this publication is divided into for purchasing Realtime Worlds on a minimum of two distinct entities, because both versions is within the eyes of countless audience.

Fate with the 23 developers recently re-utilized by company management Begbies Traynor is now unknown, out of the box the supreme fate from the more famous advance of Realtime Worlds, the $100 million MMOFPS as Bulletin all points . The development of proof of purchase U.S. company to Project MyWorld appear to invalidate the speculation that the buyers are anonymous, Realtime Worlds, Dave Jones, head and Ian Hetherington.

You can see all details Increase in website.

Via: Realtime Worlds APB purchase MyWorld still in limbo

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