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Recensione TERA all E3 Obsolete Gamer

While at E3 Obsolete Gamer was able to get a preview of the new En Masse MMO,

Tera Online. Developed by Bluehole Studios, Tera Online brings the battle

stylings and action of an RPG fighter on a console and mixes it in with the

depth and emersion factor of an MMORPG. I was able to speak to Brain Knox a

senior producer for Tera Gold about the game and demo it as well.

What was stressed about Tera Online was that it was action oriented. Now this

does not mean there isn’t a stunningly beautiful massive world and engaging

storyline. The world of Tera was ravaged by the God’s and other dark forces and

so the inhabitants of the planet decided to band together to reclaim their world

from the God’s. This speaks to another main point of Tera Online and that is

the lack of factions. With Tera Online the goal with the quests is to write your

own story as you complete thousands of quests and fight even more monsters.

The key is in the fighting system which relies more on movement, teamwork and

attack timing. What this means is where and how you hit your enemy matters and

working as a team to coordinate your attacks is vital. No more point and click

and no more staring at the UI, in Tera Online your attention is on the battle

even if you are healing.


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