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Red Cursor and Cheaters Should Be Removed Darkfall Unholy Wars

This is not my opinion because I haven't been played Darkfall for a while and I know I am not that talented to give advices for the new version of the game, Darkfall: Unholy Wars. This is all by another player and the following is the whole idea of the player.

"From the look of all the videos of Darkfall Unholy Wars, I have seen this red circle around the cursor, every time you hover darkfall powerleveling buy over someone. This adds flair to the game and creates a more dynamic UI. However if you're not already aware, this will be exploited to the limit.

You have to remember, half of the Darkfall community can consider themselves experts in creating macro's, because of your old broken user interface. It will be so easy, to add some pixel detection to the curser and whenever it turns red, you release the mouse.

You can do so it will release whenever it turns red and you're holding down another button, and you will never be able to detect it. So I beg you, please fix this before it becomes a problem. The easy character progression in Darkfall Unholy Wars will bring enough hackers to the game. Don't give more weak souls a reason to cheat."

So what do you think? Do you agree with the player here for the advice?

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