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Rift will be free-to-play without any restrictions from August 25th to August 31st


Let us get one thing straight. We hate all games that are locked at 30fps. Okay, there is a reason to lock the framerate to consoles for performance purposes but there is no reason at all to cap it on the PC. At the same time, we are amazed with some modders that went the extra mile to remove it from various rift platinum like Transformers: War for Cybertron or Star Wars: The Force Unleashed. And here comes now Ubisoft’s From Dust that is added to this 30fps capped games list.
Bohemia Interactive released the gamescom trailer of their upcoming helicopter game, Take On Helicopters, and let us tell you that you really need to check it out. It looks lovely and is a PC exclusive, as basically all of Bohemia’s games. Take On Helicopters is currently slated for a Q4 2011 release and is now in beta phase.
Normally we wouldn’t post about a new digital distribution service but since we’ve seen in the past some great deals and sales from Green Man Gaming and since it’s coming to Greece, we felt the need to inform you about it. So in case you were unaware of, Green Man Gaming is a digital distribution service for PC games and is currently preparing for considerable European expansion, revealing plans to launch local stores for gamers in the Czech Republic, Germany, Greece and Turkey.
THQ released some new gamescom screenshots and a brand new trailer for Saints Row: The Third. As always, the game looks great and seems as crazy as the previous parts, a good sign in our opinion as it differentiates it from all other open-world games. Saints Row: The Third is currently slated for a November 18th release on X360, PS3 and PC.
MMO fans, get ready to dive into the world of Rift next week as the game will be free-to-play from 25th to 31st of August. This free-to-play week is a way to celebrate the game’s half-birthday and the company will be offering all sorts of rewards like ramped-up XP and Prestige gain for subscribers, and letting former players and newcomers play for free (with no level restriction).
You’ve seen in the past posts about major PC leaks but we all know that leaks are more often on consoles and here comes a major leak for a highly anticipated game. It is pretty much confirmed at this moment that Deus Ex: Human Revolution’s X360 and PS3 versions are leaked on various torrent sites, five days before their release. Now obviously we can only assume that a reviewer leaked it or that a store broke its street release and someone put it on the Internet.
The winners of the gamescom award 2011 have been determined. At the launch of this year’s gamescom trade fair, the independent expert jury from the field of publishing and media designated the best products. Battlefield 3 (Electronic Arts) was unanimously elected the “Best of gamescom 2011″.
Attention PC gamers, From Dust has just been released on our beloved platform. The game will cost you 15 euros and those interested can download it from either Ubisoft’s shop or Steam. And in case you were unaware of, From Dust is the latest original game concept by Eric Chahi, creator of the cult classic, “Another World / Out of this World”.
Diablo fans, it’s about time to prepare your mouse and keyboards. Although the beta of the highly anticipated action RPG, Diablo 3, wasn’t released yesterday we have some new and exciting news for you. Yes, the beta will hit the streets by the end of September and that’s official this time around.
Ubisoft released today a new gameplay trailer for their highly anticipated action adventure game, Assassin’s Creed Revelations. This new trailer features Ezio and Altair, slashing and finishing off enemies with various moves. As always, the game looks great and all assassins will get their hands on the game this November – although we are kind of sure that the PC version will get delayed yet again.

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