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Roman warriors fight and Gods and Heroes on a movie

Sony Online Entertainment is planning a service MMORPG, "Gods & Heroes: Rome Rising" class "of" the three movies were introduced on 4Gamer.

This is the design director Stieg Hedlund's game, but a movie that explains what each class in the game. The explanation is, "Soldier" "Scout" "Gladiator" three classes. Is good at close combat Soldier and makes them bow attack Scout, Gladiator and Roman gladiators unique characteristics are described by Ingemushin rich. Powerful creatures and battle scenes, a commentary in English and of course, just interesting looking. Gods & Heroes: Rising Rome is a MMORPG set in Roman imperial times, and has been responsible for the development Entertainment Perpetual, as we reported in the July 20 article, the title officially entered the service, although not to provide expertise and other MMORPG's developer has been appreciated that ability.

There are just aimed at the theme of Roman rule the world by force, main battle game. Squad combat and style, with colorful and splendid battle scenes specials. Above all, "Mignon" is a feature brought against a group of people called. Over the prestige of Roman legions, Greek and Gallic empire threatens it will Samunitesu fighting forces. The enemy will not only force these people belong to, Cyclops, Minotaur, even after another emerges as a legendary monster Hydra.

And when the service launched officially, what happens to expansion in Japan has not been announced at present, beyond the situation is recruiting testers for testing β closed for now, is that a while yet likely.

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