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Second trailer for Guild Wars 2

Earlier this month (I know I am a little late ...) Arena Net released a new trailer for Guild Wars 2: "The Races of Tyria" (The races of Tyria). This new video shows the different races that we choose in the game, whose release date in 2011 or so.

The video can be found on YouTube or on the website of GW 2, from where we can download it.

In the video we know the heroes of the five races:

Logan Thackeray, by humans. This tells us about his role as defender of the Divinity Coast, the current situation of human inhabitants of Tyria, and that they are fighting for their gods and their queen, Jennah.

"Your Faith Is Your Weakness, human." With those words ("Your faith is your weakness, human") enters the scene Rytlock Brimstone. The Charr, who inhabit the Black Citadel, left behind their gods and as a result have become more technologically advanced race for war. They have developed weapons and war machines impressive.

The heat of the forges of the Charr, we turn to the cold Shiverpeaks. From there comes Eir Stegalkin, which states that "the Force is nothing without Wisdom" (Strength is Nothing Without wisdom). The Norn always been an independent race, who has sought help from the rest and that worships nature spirits, such as the Raven, the Bear or Wolf.

Zojja, the Asura who gives voice to Felicia Day, however, does not think that force is necessary to save the world ("Brain, Not Brawn, will change the world"). The Asura have always been characterized as a race with great knowledge and technology have advanced, leading to use golems. In 250 years this has only changed in that now the golems seem to be more sophisticated, Rata Sum is a modern city.

Last but not least, we know Caithe, one of the first born of Sylvari. The Sylvari are a young race, which begins to discover the world, we know almost nothing about them, as they do not know almost nothing about the world we are.

Thus we have a preview of the different races that will put their differences aside (which will not be easy) and unite to fight against a superior power that threatens Tyria: the dragon Zhaitan.

Besides this video, included some information from each race and some new pictures on the web. And a little later, a kind of making-off of the trailer, with mini-interviews with voice actors (though we miss Eir the bender in the video) of heroes.

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