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Section X and HK-51 Explored by New SWTOR Dev Diary

This is not a fresh new anymore, however, I thought there may be some players don't know about this, and that's why I put it here again.

Although fans' attention has been turned toward Star Wars: The Old Republic's impending free-to-play conversion, developers have continued their work on upcoming game updates. Today's developer blog goes more in-depth on two aspects of the 1.5 update: Section X and HK-51 missions. The blog also includes spoilers for certain in-game storylines, but those can be avoided by the spoiler-free crowd; in order to see them, folks will have to specifically log in.

In case of you don’t know, section X beefs up the offerings of daily repeatable quests for both the Republic and Imperial swtor credits cheap factions, including two new heroics with more rewards, more commendations, and more credits than ever before. Daily Commendation vendors will also have plenty of new goods to trade in for, and new campaign armoring moods will allow for even more customization.

Obtaining HK-51, the new player companion joining SWTOR, is touted as a memorable moment for players. Future HK-51 owners must first run epic mission chain that involves a massive derelict Czerka ship deserted for a century.

In addition to those talked above, the devs also noted that The Fatality wreck is definitely not located on Hoth.

So what do you think about this? If you want more information about this, you can find them in the official game site.

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