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Server Troubles Make Final Fantasy XIV Ends an Era

Yesterday, we have already talked about the server problems with the game Final Fantasy XIV and the new update for the game is coming out for us.

So it seems that the famous MMO Final Fantasy XIV continued its slow transition to "A Realm Reborn" over the weekend,ffxiv items but the world-ending events didn't go off without a hitch. A spike in traffic led to difficulties for some users who wanted to see how the proverbial end of the world would go down.

It was reported that disconnects and error screens were common. "There were so many wanting to log on and fight in these promised epic battles that Square Enix had to start turning players away based on subscription end date," said one player. Those who could get in got a nice bit of spectacle, though, in the form of level 100 monsters that were previously only seen in cut scenes.

All player data was saved on October 31, and it will be transferred to the "Realm Reborn" servers when it hits beta sometime in the winter. Square hasn't given a more specific release plan for the relaunch, but as the PlayStation 3 version catches up we might see the two launching together.

Anyway, just like I said above, the new update will come soon, I hope you will have a great time in it.

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