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Show Your Roar With A Baby Dragon Costume

Dragon costumes also have their places in the celebration of Halloween. Dragons are mythological creatures that are known throughout the world and are usually portrayed to have gigantic bodies that resemble that of a lizard or a snake and their mouths belch out fire. They are also  dragon nest gold  shown to have bat-like wings. Dragons often have spiritual importance in several cultures and religions. However, they are also depicted as fearful creatures because of their size and the fact that their fiery breath is so destructive. Therefore, they are also a suitable theme for Halloween. Dragon costumes are usually made up of a body suit that has spikes running along its back and has scales. There are several dragon costumes that can be purchased for the children who may love the excitement fostered by stories of knights slaying dragons. For babies, one example of the dragon costume is Dragon Infant/Toddler Costume. This item includes a green jumpsuit with attached dragon wings and feet, a hood depicting the head of the dragon, and mitts  dragon nest gold  featuring the dragon's claws. Another example is the Child Dragon Costume, which is a one-piece green jumpsuit. It is easy to put it on and it provides the child with a warm and fuzzy feeling. Also attached is a dragon headpiece. Another dragon costume for children is the Le Top Infant Toddler Halloween Costume known as Duke the Dragon. This one-piece green jumpsuit is made from soft fleece and has a solid yellow chest and a scale pattern. It includes spikes along the back of the suit and dragon wings are also provided. The attached hood has eyes, nose, ears, tongue and teeth of a dragon. For children, the Brimstone Dragon Premiere Mask by Mario Chiodo features a complete over-the-head latex mask that is available in three colors. Properly colored hair is used to cover the back of every mask. The user does not actually see through the mask's eyes but through the necks. A less expensive alternative are the Foam Dragon Masks that are constructed from foam and are provided with elastic bands. For newborn infants from zero to six months old, there is the Newborn Baby Dragon Costume. It is designed to allow the baby to wear additional clothing underneath. It is made up of a headpiece and bodysuit that is made from flannel. For adults and teenagers, a great way to complete their dragon costume this Halloween is the Dragon special effect contact lenses. These are custom-made and are hand-painted.

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