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Skirmisher Role Revealed in DarkFall Unholy Wars

Well, as we talked before, the famous MMO developer Aventurine is really hardworking these days. There are always something new about the famous MMO DarkFall: Unholy Wars will be released by Aventurine almost everyday. And now, it has revealed a new video showing off the Brawler School of the Skirmisher Role in the DarkFall: Unholy Wars.

However, the game writer Al Stellakis narrates how the class will allow players to control the battlefield through various forms of different movement abilities. One of those abilities is evade, where a player can look to a spot and quickly dodge out of the way of an incoming attack or to close the distance to bring the pain.

As a matter of fact, the key buy darkfall items thing to remember here is there are serious cooldowns and stamina/mana consumption that are not shown in the video. While this is a reveal video, Stellakis makes it very clear that for this school "there are compromises to be made."

As a hardcore Darkfall player, I really hope Unholy Wars doesn't change too much from the Darkfall forumla that made it a great game, but fixes a lot of the issues that it had. The new role system seems interesting and I'm looking forward to seeing how Unholy Wars turns out next month.

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