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Something You Should Really Know about Guild Wars 2

As a Guild Wars 2 hardcore gamer, I don't think I really know the game that well, I believe that the same is true for you. As a matter of fact, sometimes we just focus on the crafting and leveling, we never pay attention to the game itself. Here I am going to talk about this.

The very first thing is about the gems. We all know that the gems in Guild Wars 2 are not easily earned so they are valuable and very much sought-after. If you have extra cash, buy some gems from the gem Guild wars 2 News store which you can trade for a good amount of gold in the game.

As a gamer, do you know you can change your colors? In fact, you can change the color of your character's clothes/armor at any time. Press H to bring up the hero screen, and then click on the color dropper icon above your gear. You start with a basic set of dyes, but more can be found as random drops. You can also buy dyes from the gem store, find them in PVP reward chests, or purchase through the trading post.

Gathering is also important in Guild Wars 2. So, if you see a gather point, like a tree or some crops, always take the time to harvest them. Not only can you sell the materials or use them for crafting, but it earns you XP. In 'farm' areas with a lot of harvest points, you can earn a tidy amount of experience for little to no effort.

You should also know the easy travel in the game. In each of the game's capital cities, Rata Sum, The Black Citadel, Divinity's Reach, Hoelbrak, and The Grove, you'll find a purple portal that leads to a 'hub' called Lion's Arch where you'll find more portals leading to each race's capital.

As a explorer in the Guild Wars 2, you should know everything about the game and your character. Just try to learn new things and find new functions all by yourself - this should be the most interesting part of playing a game, right?

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