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Star Trek Online A Star Trek MMOG

Behind the wheel of our ship pier space, we must first create yourself. In other words, we change ourselves, the pilot and the main task is to provide young beginners. As usual mysterious studio, sto credits, there are certainly many different options from the original terms of design, Star Trek game for the typical self-created game. However, initially only part of the federal ridge, the skull of her Klingon hate you, until the soldiers have not been managed and have a certain level. Klingons? Check! Tribbles? Check! Later, with some historical background, some missions in the form of brief, this is the last time: the first Flattermann wait, not you crash into the planet to the next one. Now you go into a career, you get all ten new rank and a new ship, the details with a new level of technology, hiring new staff, sto credits , and explore distant planets appear. In a universe, even the most ignorant ever seen on television - in which a generation forever. It sounds exciting, right? If it is not. What is not said that everything is nonsense, and what secret plant here in space. Big plus point is that the terms of the license in the Trekkies of course, have their joy. Not only that, the competition is well represented, also apply to ships, figures and background noise with the original series of sounds and music of the facts. Even the few tasks are based on a series of loose episodes and movies. Tribbles is a typical Klingon even allergies can be in the game. In the phase shifter, shields, transporters and other things said nothing. But our praise. Also in the available space. Travel to the system drag, a ball flying out of the opponent some of the navigation station x accumulation. Alas. The longer the surface of the road is the task is varied, because there is only a few of these types of aneinandergekleistert prospective task. In principle, can only describe as completely different. Sure, sto credits, the daily business routine part of the MMOG, but we loved a little more imagination. Most of the task is to create good alone. Flutter in the same system without the group together, it will automatically handle things together. In addition to the task, a system of fleet card is inserted, where you are in a 20-year colleagues, to search for patterns is a common act of public Warhammer Online. This is undoubtedly the boss monster or some interesting groups of brittle (because they work it) you wait. Someone here will be rewarded with that most of the things good. Who died, do not worry, because the spacecraft is the tax penalty on the failure. Last Frontier? This is not here! A few words about the game world: those who want to see the final borders will be disappointed. Star Trek Online high degree of instantiation. Each planetary system, every star, every open up a space station of its own players for the limited number of instances. Online games real sense, it almost never in the Sun This is certainly not the worst performance, but the sharp decline in the area of taste. In short: planets and systems are very diverse, but it is likely that they usually only visit once a task that, in a context. The other is to explore the world, so do not even ask. Of course not because you usually only a small part of the road is, and in addition to the tasks in the environment, such as occurred during the night so much 4 square meters of a village clock. The special features of a game who you can hire staff for your spaceship. Also provide you with additional skills and enthusiasts around the floor playing with your boat. Experience gained by the officer for further development, sto credits, but know that you turn in the interest of fighting new skills - and she can make your own avatar. This is a good idea, even if a relatively smooth implementation. Even if boys and girls on the ground tend to develop a snail when it comes to intellectual self-protection or find its way corners and obstacles. So do not worry, if your four-man team AI is in the middle of the battle began, two rooms further forward, or select individual comrades committed suicide because they are in the plasma cloud rumlungern.

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