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Star Trek Online Leonard Nimoy

Recently, a Star Trek-related news is published in connection with the series that it's possible that Leonard Nimoy will be maintained in a few episodes up. A series of two male protagonist Leonard and Sheldon develop experimental and theoretical physicists, it is not out of the reach of kockulás.

As the kids themselves are great sci-fi "geek" s, are published frequently in Star Trek of sto credits in some form in the series. Prady to series creator Bill envisages that the next season a few short scenes included up to Mr. Nimoy, of course, if you accept the invitation.

Traditionally, this year held in the Academy Awards ceremony, now has 82 time. Trekkereknek We also passed through the joy, because the Star Trek XI. Oscar was also awarded the prize for "Best Makeup" category. The newest addition to film two more films, the "Divo Il", and "The Young Queen Victoria" received nomination in this category.

The Star Trek movies in the history of film has not only rewarded by the Academy of Motion Picture Academy Award, so the fee landmark refined within the Star Trek franchise. The fee that a person, Barney Burman, Lobby Mindy and Joel Harlow was awarded. The Academy Awards in another aspect of surprises served as a total of 9 nominated for Avatar "only" three Oscar holds. Many people know to be the Avatar - than expected - poor appearance due to this year, another scoring system was applied during szavzások.

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