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Star Trek Online-towards open beta

Cryptic Studios have announced an open beta phase for online RPG,In mid-January 2010, the future for virtual presence: Then Star Trek Online opens for the open beta phase for two weeks its servers and lets Federation and Klingon Empire into the universe.And you can buy sto items for the game now!

Nothing there with "live long and prosper": For the Trekker is the first life in Star Trek Online "for just two weeks. The reason is that the open beta phase of the online role playing game takes so long, that of 12 to 26 January 2010. As the developer Cryptic announces Studio are available for the codes - very "open" the focus is not - available through the official website of the game, and on a "first come, first serve".

Players compete in Star Trek Online as captain of their own spaceship, they go with a team on away missions in foreign ships, or beam on the planet. There are two political groups, the Federation and the Klingon Empire. Under the current state of the Trek universe opens its servers permanently on 2 February 2010.



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