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Star Wars - The Old Republic: Five new residents space presented

In HoloNet of Star Wars - The Old Republic were now presents five new interstellar neighbors. It is a humanoid, two alien creatures and two droids.

Thanks BioWare fans now know more details about the universe of Star Wars - The Old Republic. Because the developers have over the weekend, the records are updated and expanded the Holonet. There, now just five other occupants of the game world are presented.

 These are, for example, the rothäutgigen, pure-blooded Sith. They are descendants of the original species of the Sith. Because of their origin, they have long been associated with the dark side, where they get their powers. They are regarded as warlike and ambitious and were always with each other in a competition.

 In contrast to the pure-blooded Sith is the second new class in Star Wars - The Old Republic is not a humanoid. For the Terentatek are among the creatures. They are extremely dangerous and therefore greatly feared. Even her appearance spread fear and terror. In addition to their aggressiveness, they have also, for example, resistance against night attacks. The jungle cat is new to Star Wars - The Old Republic. A predator of its size always has a big appetite. Therefore, this creature is almost always on the hunt.

Finally, there are also two new droids in Star Wars - The Old Republic. In one, it is the M3-M1 Sanitätsdroiden. This non-military middle class model because of its reliability in many species are very popular. For military reconnaissance purposes, however, the S3-F5 Suchdroid is used. It is extremely robust, air-resistant and can therefore be used for long-term exploration operations.

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